[Reddit] How to make smooth minecraft gifs

TL;DR at the bottom.

This is going to be a VERY rough, messy and quick “tutorial” with mostly tips on how to do this and this kind of gifs. I won’t go into too much detail on how to use a specific program or how gifs work.

What you need? A video recorder and a software that can import videos and turn them into gifs.

Programs you might consider using: VirtualDub (free), Gimp (free), FRAPS (free 30 second record limit, very sufficient for making 5mb gifs for imgur ;)), Photoshop.

When recording the video try to use non lossy forms of capture. And more fps = “smoother” gif.

At this point I’d like to inform everyone that the image hosting site imgur.com, which is very popular here in reddit, allows only 5mb size images. If you look at my examples you’ll notice that they are very short in length which allowed the gifs to not be super tiny resolution.

Main things that affect filesize in gifs that you want to focus on:

  • Amount of colors (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256)
  • How lossy it is (basically it will just pack things more and make it look ugly)
  • Resolution (image dimensions)
  • Amount of frames

I will not show in detail where to click to make a gif from a video.

Using VirtualDub you can export the video as series of images and then import the images to your image editing software (GIMP and Photoshop can do this automatically. Paint.NET can export gifs, but can’t import videos).

In photoshop you go to File -> Import -> Video Frames To Layers. There you choose your video and decided on the settings (you can choose a range of the video to use in the animation and if you want to skip frames (for example to use every second frame) there’s an option for that too). After you’re done importing you use Save for web… to save it as a gif and fiddle around with the settings. Settings I used in my first example This should all be possible if you’re using other image editing software (gimp for example).

As you can see, the color palette has mostly the colors of the oak wood texture and some gray and white for the piston textures. Using little amounts of detail colors in your videos gifs allows the palette to be used in a more efficient way and bigger images look better, but it doesn’t really matter if you’re uploading to imgur because you have to shrink it down so much that little details don’t matter anymore. Here’s another gif using the same settings, but I filmed in a different location: http://i.imgur.com/yJ0Wks8.gif Looks good because it’s small even with 256 colors.

Ps. Using a resource pack might help if you want to use a lot of blocks and colours.

I will answer to questions in the comments.

TL;DR Make it short, make it simple, use a lot of frames and eat your vegetables.