Hellfire Islands: Gather & Defend [Mc Ver. 1.7.4][Build Ver. 1.0.*]


Supported Mc Versions1.7.4
Current Build Version1.0.*
Suggested Players4 - 12
World Save 
Download For Desktops Only 
Notice: for use with 1.7.* only

What do you get?

  • Starter chest with food and basic tools

    Each team is given a small collection of start tools to assist in the first day of the battle. Use of the these tools will greatly increase a teams speed to get blocks into the Hellfire Forge.

  • Hellfire Forge

    The Hellfire Forge is equip with a series of custom crafting recipes. Recipes are as follows:
    • Plank track:
    Plank > Coal > Iron > Gold > Diamond > Ender Pearls
    • Log track:
    Logs > Cobble > Netherrack > Redstone & Gravel > Gun Powder & Sand > Quartz > Bonemeal
    • Wool track:
    Wool > Feathers & String

Playing Field

  • The Islands

    The playing field is comprised of 2 identical island separated by a gap over the void that are team base locations. Position off the the side is a 3rd neutral island where a constant supply of food can be found.

  • Structures

    Each island has 4 structures: a Sage Tower, the Hellfire Forge, the team Spawn Pad, and a small shelter with tools and instructions.

    • Sage Tower: From the top of the tower a player has a clear view of the other teams island. All players standing on top of the tower will periodically receive an unlimited supply of arrows.

    • The Hellfire Forge: As explained above the forge is a custom crafting system that allows players to grind block for better items. Proper use of the forge is required to get the supplies to win.

    • Team Spawn Pad: Acting as the location of a players respawn, the Spawn Pad is also an opposing teams capture point.

    • Small Shelter: to be used as a suggested home base, the open air shelter has an enchanting table some basic tools to help the game get started and a book explaining all the rules and recipes of the forge


  • Objective

    The Game is over when an opposing teams occupy their enemy's spawn for a set duration of time. Victory can be achieved by getting over to the opposing team's island and standing on their spawn platform. A timer will begin and the 4 pillars of the opposing teams spawn platform will change and play a sound to indicate the capture progress.

  • Strategy

    While it is possible to stealth get over to the other base as one player and take the platform by surprise, most games will be won by quickly gathering resources, building a strong defense and offense at the same time. Watching the other team is a must as the game can change with a single arrow.

Original Trailer & Tutorial

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