SkyForge: SkyBlock [Mc Ver. 14w11b - 14w08a][Build Ver. 1.0.*]


Supported Mc Versions14w11b - 14w08a
Current Build Version1.0.*
Suggested Players1 - 3
World Save 
Download For Desktops Only 

What do you get?

  • Um not much really..I mean it's kinda the point

    Player(s) spawn on to a small floating island with a single tree and the Hellfire Forge. The gametype is skyblock after all so we went a little light on the amenities.

The Goal & Starter Recipes

We have two main goals:
Craft a full beacon of 164 mineral blocks and
Craft a villager Spawning egg from an emerald block.

Starter Recipes
Leaves > Saplings
Logs > Cobblestone
Planks > Coal

Overview and LP from Blakens

Liked Blaken's content? Want more? Like TF2 as well? Give him a sub: > Matthewblakens

The Hellfire Forge

The Hellfire Forge is equip with a series of custom crafting recipes that are unknown to the player. Ok basic concept: if it's a full block place it inside the forge. If it disappears into the fire then something is about to happen otherwise remove the block and try again with another type.


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