Desert Ruins: Hunger Games [Mc Ver. 1.8.* (min v1.2.4)][Build Ver. 1.1.3]


Supported Mc Versions1.8.* (min v1.2.4)
Current Build Version1.1.3
Suggested Players4 - 24
World Save 
Download For Desktops Only 

What do you get?

  • Enclosed Mulit-Level Playing Field

    The entire playing field is suspended over a 30+ block drop to the ground. Sandstone walls enclose the entire arena giving a cave like feel and completely removing any sun or moon from the game play. As a player exits the central part of the map they approach multi-level structures that increase the playable game field while not overwhelming the player. Minimal dead-end allow players to escape from danger or allow danger to sneak up on the player. Strategic placement of light source blocks provide light and shadows while never leaving the player completely in the dark.

  • 80+ Chest

    Chests are split in 2 categories openly visible and concealed. All players will feel like they had a fair chance at getting to at least 5 openly visible chests during the course of game play however players who observe their surrounding will locate extra chests that are not in direct light on in the main paths. All chest are accessible and available to loot. No chest are ever completely hidden, behind traps or redstone operated walls.

  • Plugin Ready

    This map is design for the sole use of operating with the assist of a third party plugin to populate chest contents and is not designed to be Vanilla Minecraft ready. While designed to be most optimally used by a Hunger Games like plugin other game types including but not limited too: Team Death match, Free For All, Capture the Flag, and Paint Ball can be used with little to no modifications required.

  • Alternative uses

    With minor modifications to the central platform and removal cave walls & chests the map can serve as a server spawn. If you wish to use this map as part of an adventure map a commercial license or waive is required; we may also be able to assist in production of the map.

What is Hunger Games

Inspired by the Movie and book of the same name a group of java developers and map makers created a way to play out the Hunger Games on the Minecraft platform. Traditionally matches are 24 competitors that are released into an enclosed playing area where your goal is to discover loot in hidden chests and out survive the other players, last man standing wins. Items found give the player advantage over other surviving players and can drastically change game play and the pace of the game


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