4 in a row: Arcade [Mc Ver. 1.8.* (min 14w18b)][Build Ver. 1.0.0]


Supported Mc Versions1.8.* (min 14w18b)
Current Build Version1.0.0
Suggested Players2 - 2
World Save 
Download For Desktops Only 

What do you get?

  • Playing Field

    The playing field is comprised of 3 components: The Game Board, The Chip Control Area and The Viewing Area. Players are restricted to the viewing and chip control area during game play and can view the Game Board from a far.

How to play

Player spawn into viewing area where they can choose Red or Black. Once 1 player each has select a team they game randomly select a team to go first. The bottom of the playing board has color code indicators to each column a chip can be placed in. On a players turn, a player is presented with up to 7 bottom to drop a chip to it's corresponding column. If a column is full no button will be available.

The Goal

Connect 4 chips of a like color in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Upon connecting 4 chips in a line the game resets and announce the winner


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